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  • Backlight

    A light set up behind a subject that is used to intensify the subject’s separation from the background. A backlight is used in conjunction with a key and fill light to create dimensionality of a subject.

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  • Banding

    An artifact effect where brightness or color gradients are separated into stripes in an image when it should look smooth. Banding occurs when not enough bits are used to represent samples of a picture.

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  • Barn Doors

    An attachment fitted to the front of a fresnel lantern. The attachment has the appearance of a large set of barn doors, but in fact there are four leaves, two larger and widening on the outside, two smaller and getting narrower towards the outside.

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  • Betacam

    A high quality, expensive camcorder cassette. This videotape format records at high tape speed and records separate colors, resulting in high quality images.

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  • BetaSP

    SP stands for “superior performance”. This popular videotape format is an improved version of Betacam and it is downwardly compatible with Betacam.

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  • Boom

    An extendable pole used with an attached shotgun microphone to record sound by hanging the microphone and boom pole over the audio source or speaker.

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