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  • Field

    Half of a frame of video in an interlaced system.

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  • Fill Light

    Used in conjunction with a key light, a fill light is positioned to lighten areas in shadow thereby reducing the contrast of a scene. Fill lights are one of three lights used in the standard three point lighting set up.

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  • Focal Length

    The focal length of the lens, usually measured in millimeters, is marked on the front or side of the lens. Focal length is the distance between the lens and the film, sensor or pinhole (depending on the type of camera) when the lens is focused at infinity. Focal length determines how the lens will magnify distant objects. For example, telephoto lenses have extremely long focal length and can magnify objects at a great distance from the camera.

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  • Focus Shift

    A camera technique in which you change focus between subjects at different distances in the same shot. Focus shift is also called racking focus and pulling focus and often is assisted.

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  • Follow Focus

    A technique to adjust focus in order to keep a subject in motion in focus while it moves towards or away from the camera. Follow focus also refers to a mechanical attachment mounted onto a lens that aids the camera operator in smoothly and precisely performing follow focus.

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  • FPS (frames per second)

    The number of frames, or complete images, produced per second by a camera. Commonly used FPS is 29.97 or 30 in video and 24 in film cameras. HD cameras have 60, 120, 300 and even 600 FPS settings that allows for incredibly smooth and precise slow motion shooting.

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