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  • Saturation

    The intensity of color in an image. A totally desaturated image will be black and white.

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  • SECAM (Sequential Colour and Memory)

    European video standard with image format 4:3, 625 lines, 50 Hz and 6 Mhz video bandwidth with a total 8 Mhz of video channel width.

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  • Shot Sheet

    A list of shots, numbered with relevant information such as scene heading, location, production information and description of shot used during production used to to keep track during shooting. The camera assistant is in charge of the shot sheet.

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  • Shotgun Microphone

    A long, skinny microphone that is connected to a camera or mixer to record sound. Shotgun mics are either mounted directly onto the camera body above the lens or they are connected to a boom pole operated by a sound recordist. Shot gun mics vary according to patterns of how the sound is picked up. Three models are omnidirectional, cardioid and super cardioid. The length of the metal extension on a shotgun mic can vary the distance at which sound is picked up but the type of microphone mechanism determines the directionality of the sound recording.

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  • Slate

    An indication of the scene and take number at the beginning or end of a take made using a clapboard, a written sign or a verbal announcement.

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  • Sound Bite

    A piece of audio, usually taken from dialogue or an interview, that is selected during post-production.

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  • Sound Mix

    In a film or video’s final stage, trained sound designers and technicians work on the audio tracks to create the sound mix. There are several steps in the process of creating a sound mix. A sound designer will add sound effects or supervise the re-recording of dialogue (known as ADR). A musical composer will write and create a score for various scenes. Finally, a sound mixer will take all the audio tracks of the project and adjust the levels and tone to create a dynamic, seamless and rich sounding sound mix.

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  • Stereo

    Audio is stereo when there are two tracks, one designed to imitate the right ear and the other to imitate the left.

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  • Story Board

    A visual representation of the story shot by shot for each scene. Story boards look similar to comic strips sometimes with technical notes added for lighting and camera.

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  • Swish Pan

    A camera movement that pans so rapidly that the image appears streaked.

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