Our Mission

Where Craftsmanship Meets Customer Service

Since 2006, Zeitbyte has been leading the way for practical applications of emerging online video technologies, including live event webcasting, video production services, customized video players, file conversion services, hosting/streaming, media management, and physical transfer services.

With our extensive experience, cutting-edge equipment, and service-oriented approach, we aim to offer one-stop shopping for all online video needs.

We know how to tell a great story through video, and we’re proud to have award-winning filmmakers on staff — masters of their trade who are adept at resolving nearly any issue.

We’re proud to be able to offer our clients high-caliber work at affordable Internet-style prices. We offer complete flexibility and customization, working with clients to determine their requirements both for look and feel and for functionality, then building precisely to their specifications. We put the branding of our first-class front-end solutions in the hands of our clients, allowing them to take full control of customizing the presentation of their digital media.

We personally answer phones, and our staff experts are fluent in both “techie” and “layman,” ensuring smooth communication for individuals with any level of technical knowledge.

We like our clients to consider us an extension of their in-house team; we can handle as much or as little as the process as is needed. We anticipate problems and head them off before they manifest, and we’re committed to being dependable, prepared, prompt, and professional at all times. Client satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we continue to think about ways to improve and enhance our process and the functionality of our products.

We work hard to make our clients’ video projects a huge success. They can confidently rely on us every stop of the process, from start to finish.